Tony’s Corner

Travelling with dogs

Travelling with your dog Who does not know the feeling,when the question “where are we going on vacation?” appears? The first thing that the dog owners are concerned with: Does our best friend come with us? Where do I leave him if not? There are a lot of possibilities, but for the most of us, […]

Mops Molly testing Happy Again to prevent joint problems

Mops Molly has tested our product Generally the pugs belong to the short nose breeds and especially promoted in recent years have become a very popular breed. Naturally, after all they are incredibly sweet and temperamentally, very funny, friendly and easy to clean, but also very sensitive. It follows that the pug is especially a […]

Hi, I’m Tony!

My mommy thinks I’m a very hungry English Bulldog… I prefer to think of myself as a passionate skater! 🙂 Sure, I love to eat… but there’s nothing like racing across the downtown pavements at breakneck speed with the wind combing your fur! At nine, I’ve already been around the block a few times. Yeah, […]