Mops Molly testing Happy Again to prevent joint problems

Mops Molly has tested our product

Generally the pugs belong to the short nose breeds and  especially promoted in recent years have become a very    popular breed. Naturally, after all they are incredibly sweet and temperamentally, very funny, friendly and easy to clean, but also very sensitive. It follows that the pug is especially a very clever dog who quickly realizes after a short time living together with his people, what they want from him and when he should better leave him in peace. 
Therefore, the Pug can not be described as superficial because it responds to any type of mood swings. 
Unfortunately, the rising popularity follows the negative effect of over breeding and with this hereditary joint problem.

Judge dogs properly

Even if you tend to be "unsporty" Dogs, they are often significantly sportier than unsporty people. This circumstance is often generally not considered, with the result that dogs are misjudged. One example is the Pug, which also need spout. The problem is that not every dog signaled that he is overworked. A dog who sleeps through after cycling the rest of the day or on the go using any short break to drop may be an experienced dog who is aware of his powers. 
Or is he is at the end of his power. Here, the holder must develop the necessary sensitivity and can thus also preventjoint problems in his dog. The pug is one of the breeds, who frequently are suffering from joint problems.

Joint diseases are no question of age

Joint disease, both in older dogs, as well as in young dogs occur - and often causes the holders unknown. The breedplays with under a non-negligible role, but who is informed extensively, can eliminate some risks.

This Subject we will report in the next blog of Tony. Have fun reading of pug Molly Blog.

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